Amazon Video – Free 30 day Prime Trial With Signup

Amazon Prime Video is included free with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime includes a number of benefits such as free shipping on all Amazon orders as well as early access to sales. One of the biggest benefits of Amazon Prime is full access Amazon’s video. Amazon Video provides access to many top rated TV shows and Movies at no additional cost to Prime members. AmazonĀ  Prime Video also offers original productions like the 2017 Emmy nominated “The Man In The High Castle“. If you are already an Amazon Prime Member you already signed up for Amazon Prime video. Like Hulu, Amazon Prime video can be viewed on a number of devices including Smart TVs, Streaming Devices, Blu-Ray Players, and Cell Phones. For an additional cost programming from TV Channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Right now Amazon is offering a free trial on any of the Amazon Channels. Historically, premium channels had been one of the few things holding many people back from “cutting the cord” and ditching cable or satellite TV. Now with Amazon Channels there is one less reason to keep that expensive cable or satellite service.



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