BP Driver Rewards Review: Save up to $600 per year?

Gas rewards programs are ubiquitous these days. Saving at the pump is so easy there isn’t any reason not to do it. You can order a BP Driver Rewards card online or pick one up at your local BP station. Every time you buy gas at BP you will earn a discount towards your next gas purchase.The BP Drivers Rewards card is not a credit card, it is a discount card that is swiped before you pay for the transaction. Just swipe the card and save money, it is that easy. Be sure to register your card online at BP’s website. BP offers discount codes from time to time that give you additional savings at the pump.You can either save a few cents every time you fill up your tank.  You can also save your rewards for bigger discounts.

How does BP Driver’s rewards stack up against other gas rewards cards?

The American Express Plenti card (Exxon-Mobil) and Fuel Rewards (Shell) are better rewards programs. They offer bigger baseline discounts and more ways to save at the pump. All things being equal, BP driver rewards is one of the least generous gas rewards program on the market. BP says on their website that you can save $600 a year with BP driver rewards. You would have to fill up 6000 gallons at the $0.10/gallon rate to save $600 and you would have to spend $100 at no discount to get the $0.10/gallon off. The bottom line is Shell’s Fuel Rewards and Plenti will save you more money in a shorter period of time.

Who should be using BP Driver Rewards?

You should be using BP Driver Rewards if you only buy your gas at BP and you don’t want to fill up anywhere else. If BP is the only gas station in town use BP Driver Rewards. If you stop at BP every morning on the way to work and you don’t want to drive to another gas station use BP Driver Rewards so you can at least save some money. Otherwise, check out one of the other gas rewards programs.  The best strategy with all gas rewards cards is to fill up as much gas as possible when you have the largest discount. Or use the rewards savings on your vehicle which has the largest tank. Many people make the mistake of earning big discounts and then using the discount on a half a tank of gas. When you earn a large reward you might want to consider filling up a gas can for your lawnmower etc when you can get the lowest price on gas.

BP Driver Rewards


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