Shell Fuel Rewards: Save At The Gas Pump

With Shell’s Fuel Rewards program you can save a minimum of $0.05/gallon on any fuel purchase. In order to save $0.05/gallon you need to meet the “gold tier” requirements of the rewards program. Everyone who signs up now starts off at the “gold tier” for the first six months. To maintain the “gold tier” status, all you have to do is fill up with at least 5 gallons of fuel 6 times during three months preceding the end of your “gold tier” status of your fuel rewards membership. To keep it simple: just buy gas at Shell and swipe your Fuel Rewards card at least two times a month. Then you will easily maintain your “gold tier” status. If you don’t fill up 6 times in three months then you are demoted to “silver tier” status and earn $0.03/gallon in instant savings when you fill up.

Don’t over-complicate the Fuel Rewards Program!

Shell’s Fuel Reward’s program is extremely easy to use. After you get your Shell Fuel Rewards card. Just swipe it at the pump or inside the gas station, before you pay, each time you fill up your tank. You can earn additional rewards when you link your credit or debit card to your Fuel Rewards account and shop at businesses in the Fuel Rewards network of businesses. Linking your credit or debit card is not required but will allow you to save more money. Shell’s Rewards program is more complicated than some gas station rewards program’s but it is also much more generous. Take BP for example. In BP’s Driver Reward’s program you have to spend $100 on gas in order to save $0.10/gallon. With Shell’s Fuel rewards even if you use it very infrequently, and are in the “silver tier”, you will never save less than $0.03/gallon. As rewards programs go, this one ranks near the top.

Right now, Shell is offering a bonus of $0.25/gallon off of your gas or diesel purchase. To sign up just visit the Fuel Rewards website and order a rewards card. 

New Fuel Rewards Network Members get $0.25/gal sign up bonus!

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