How to: Pay Only For the TV Channels You Want


With new technology you can pay only for the TV Channels you want. Cable and Satellite TV subscriptions continue to become more and more expensive. They often require activation fees and 2 year contracts with teaser rates that sound good but quickly increase to higher prices. According to DirectTV’s website for example their cheapest package starts off at $50/month for the first year of the contract then $90/month for the second year, not including any premium channels. When interviewed most people say that there are one or two channels that they can’t live without like ESPN and they pay for hundreds of channels they don’t need. Ditching cable or satellite subscriptions can save you hundreds or even thousands a year. You don’t have to buy channels you don’t need. However, you will need two things, some sort of a high speed internet connection, and a device capable of streaming the content such as a Roku or a Smart TV.

There are two ways that you can cut the cord and still get the channels you want, without the channels you don’t need:


SlingTV is a streaming service which provides three tiers of service ranging from $20/month to $40/month premium channels like HBO can be added for an additional fee. The $20/month orange package is perfect for sports lovers who would otherwise buy cable just so they can get ESPN. The orange package includes ESPN 1, 2 and 3 as well as popular channels like AMC, A&E, CNN, and Comedy Central. The blue package is $25/month and does not offer the ESPN channels but instead has all of the Fox Sports channels, the NFL Network and many other non-sports offerings like the History channel, HGTV, lifetime etc. The $40 All Channels package includes all channels in the blue and orange packages. SlingTV offers a free 7 day trial so you can see if you like it and a free Roku stick to get you started.


Amazon Channels

Amazon Channels requires a subscription to Amazon Prime ($99/year). With your prime subscription you will have access to Amazon Video which is a traditional streaming service. In addition to Amazon Video you can subscribe to individual premium channels like HBO, Starz or Showtime. This gives you unlimited access to the programming of each channel including all of their shows and movies. Amazon Channels is best for those who only want access to a particular premium channel.Amazon Channels has more premium options than SlingTV and more streaming content but is a little less like traditional TV than SlingTV.  You can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days and any of the Amazon Channels for 7 days free to see if it is right for you.

In addition to slingTV or Amazon you can pick up and Over-the-Air antenna to get your local digital TV stations.

Pay only for the TV channels you want

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